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Features & Benefits

The Signfix Aluminium Frangible Sign Support System is approved and used extensively by Transit New Zealand, VicRoads, Transport SA, RMS, Main Roads WA, Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads, Tasmanian Department of State Growth, and NT Department of Infrastructure. Signfix commissioned the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW to carry out a series of crash tests at the RTA’s Crash-Lab in Sydney. The test results successfully proved that pole sizes 50, 65, 80, 90 & 100mm NB fell within the frangibility guidelines of the NCHRP-350 Standard for open road conditions. The patented system works in conjunction with a purpose made ground sleeve designed to be a snug fit between pole and socket.

Features and Benefits
  • Light & easy to handle – Lightweight, making the poles easy to handle and convenient to transport.
  • Standard sizes fitting universal brackets – The standard sizes allowing all bracket types and brands to fit.
  • Strength comparable to steel equivalents – Signfix Aluminium Frangible Poles are similar in strength to steel equivalents.
  • Maintenance free – Manufactured from marine grade alloy Signfix fluted poles remain maintenance free for the whole of life.
  • Easy to install – Simple to install with no specialist equipment required. No props are needed for ground sleeves and larger poles, during the foundation hardening process.
  • Frangibility is multi-directional – No compromise for driver and pedestrian safety.
  • Innovative system – A breakaway restraining device is available for busy traffic and pedestrian areas.
  • Patented Stainless-Steel Transition Shoe is supplied to prevent wear and eliminate any electrolysis action between the locking bolts and pole.
  • Easily replaced – In the event of damage frangible poles can be easily removed and replaced within existing foundations.
  • Frangible #1 – The patented Signfix fluted pole and socket system is fully frangible meeting the requirements of NCHRP-350 for open road conditions.