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201 Grade Band & Buckles

Stainless Steel BAND-IT® buckles are used with banding & brackets for fixing signs to any pole shape or structure.

Code Details Qty (box)
RB138 10mm S/S Band (Regular) 30m Coil
STR13 13mm S/Steel Band 30m Coil
STR16 16mm S/Steel Band 30m Coil
STR19 19mm S/Steel Band 30m Coil
C001 Banding Tool Each
BUC13 13mm S/S Buckles (Regular) 100
BUC16 16mm S/S Buckles (Regular) 100
BUC19 19mm S/S Buckles (Regular) 100
RS138 10mm S/S Buckles (Regular) 100

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