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Trilob Spanner/Drill Bit/Bolt

The trilob hand spanner is for tightening trilob anti-theft bolts and drill bits for single sided & double-sided brackets. Also used for mounting flat signs to CHS round Poles.

When additional security is required, our M10 trilob series vandal proof nuts can be supplied to secure signage and protect against theft and vandalism. Vandal proof nuts shear off under torque to a dome-headed tamper proof fixing.

Code Details Qty (box)
TRILOBSPAN M10 Trilobular Spanner 10
TRILOBKEY Security Key for Trilobular Screw 10
M10-TRILOB20SS M10 x 20mm Trilobular Countersunk Set Screw S/S 100
M10-TRILOB21CP M10 x 21mm Trilobular Cone Point Set Screw Z/Y 100
M10-TRILOB25ZY M10 X 25mm Trilobular Cone Point Set Screw Z/Y 100
M10-TRILOB25SS M10 x 25mm Trilobular Cone Point Set Screw S/S 100
M10-TRILOB40 M10 x 40mm Trilobular Cone Point Bolt Z/Y 100

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