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19mm and 32mm Application tools

Signfix Australia supplies the full range of 19mm & 32mm Band-it® application tools for use on downhole products.  The Signode Pneumatic tool tensions, seals and cuts 32mm bands and seals. The Giant Band-it Tensioning Tool is the strongest hand tool designed for use with 19mm, 25mm and 31.75mm width giant band and buckle. Our heavy duty banding tool is for use with thicker materials such as the 1.2mm x 19mm wide giant band.

CodeDetailsQty (box)
XE480919mm Fromm Pneumatic Tooleach
C0039919mm Band-it HD Tensioning Tooleach
X8030719mm Signode Crimp Sealereach
X8030432mm Signode Pneumatic Tooleach
X8030232mm Manual Crimp Tooleach
G4029932mm Band-it Giant Tensioning Tooleach

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