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Band-Fast® with Color-It®

BAND-IT® coloured bands are used for frac iron recertification, asset management, and other visual identification programs. Whether you need to create an RFID-integrated band, custom marked band, or colour-matched band to a non-standard colour, our experienced team will partner with you to help solve your identification needs.

Simply add the colour code below to the product code found in the table, for the product you require. E.g. Valuclip BAND-FAST® 12.7mm with COLOR-IT® 457mm Length – in Stainless Steel. Use code: BFVC-J0825-018-U (Add -U).

Colour Codes: Stainless Steel: – U, White: -P000, Red: -P100, Pink: -P102, Orange: -P200, Yellow: – P300, Tan: – P302, Gold: -P351, Green: -P400, Seafoam Green: -P406, Blue: -P500, Turquoise Blue: -P503, Light Blue: -P550, Purple: – P600, Grey: – P700, Brown: -P800, Black: -P900.

CodeDetailsQty (box)
BFVC-J0825-018Valuclip BAND-FAST® 12.7mm with COLOR-IT® 457mm Lengtheach
BFVC-J0825-024Valuclip BAND-FAST® 12.7mm with COLOR-IT® 610mm Lengtheach
BFVC-J0825-030Valuclip BAND-FAST® 12.7mm with COLOR-IT® 762mm Lengtheach
BFPC-J1025-018Center Punch BAND-FAST® 15.9mm with COLOR-IT® 610mm Lengtheach
BFPC-J1025-024Center Punch BAND-FAST® 15.9mm with COLOR-IT® 610mm Lengtheach
BFPC-J1025-030Center Punch BAND-FAST® 15.9mm with COLOR-IT® 762mm Lengtheach

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