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Nitto Tapes

Band-it® ESP cable splicing tapes by Nitto. Custom developed for downhole cable splicing. The highest quality downhole tapes on the market. Glass Cloth tape, high-temperature tape and double stick tapes ensure longer lasting application for downhole environments.

CodeDetailsQty (box)
DTHM018LHigh Mod Tape with Liner 25mm x 16m (18 yards)Roll
DTHM036High Temp Tape 25mm x 32m (36 yards)Roll
DTGC060Glass cloth 25mm x 54m (60 yards)Roll
DTDS018Double Stick Silicon Tape 25mm x 16m (18 yards)Roll
E20002Lead Tape 1.2mRoll
E20001Lead Tape 60mRoll

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