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32mm Band-Fast®

Signfix supplies easy to install BAND-FAST® 32mm pre-cut bands in carbon steel and alloys 625 and Zeron 100 for harsh-duty downhole and subsea environments.

Band-Fast® pre-cut bands and seals are manufactured using materials that suit harsh environments. They offer quicker installation timelines, safer handling and easier inventory management.

Pre-cut Band-Fast® clamps are free from sharp edges and provide a repeatable consistent clamp every time.

CodeDetailsQty (box)
BFCBN/32/XXXBandfast (Carbon steel) 32mm x 0.76mmeach
BF625/32/XXXBandfast (Alloy 625) 32mm x 0.76mmeach
BFZRN/32/XXXBandfast (Zeron 100) 32mm x 0.6mmeach

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